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Adjustable Prong Lamp Changer SS

The Adjustable Prong Lamp Changer SS is a lamp changing device that grips lamps and bulbs firmly for easy installation and removal, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.  Adjustable prongs easily adapt to various bulb shapes and sizes, letting you change hard-to-reach bulbs without a ladder,  platform, bucket truck, or the need to climb a pole.  Use with medium and mogul-base incandescent, halogen, mercury vapor, high- and low-pressure sodium, and metal halide bulbs.

Lamp Changer SS has vinyl-covered prongs that are adjustable, eliminating the need for spring-clips that may break or malfunction.  The all-stainless steel and aluminum construction is durable, rustproof, and powder-coated safety yellow for easy visibility.  Better performance and durability allows user improved control compared to other lamp changers, therefore enhancing the safety of the work environment. Lamp Changer SS works with a Universal extension pole.


A regional utility company field-tested the Lamp Changer SS for Balls Manufacturing.  It rated well in five out of five Tool/Equipment Evaluation Forms.  Below are some of the comments from 1st Class Linemen:

“In two weeks of evaluation and numerous bulb changes, I have been very pleased with the performance and durability of the bulb changer.  I feel it allows me better control of bulbs and less fumbling, therefore enhancing the safety of the task.” 

“I have been using this tool, and it is the best tool I have ever used in 24 years of service work for changing lamps.”

“…This is a very good tool.  Hope to see it as a stock item soon.”

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Lamp Changer SS Pricing

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1 - 99 $122.00
100 - 249 $110.00
250 - 499 $98.00
500 - 999 $95.00
1000 + $92.00

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